10 outdoor activities for kids

10 outdoor activities for kids

It is that time of the year when you are at home with your kids the whole day. To keep the children from messing around and breaking stuff in the house, you will need to set them up with activities to do, while letting then have fun at the same time. There are many activities that they can get involved in both within the house or outside the house. However, outdoor activities are more convenient, especially if you are a parent who is working from home. Below are some fun outdoor activities that you can get your children to do when they are at home.

1. Breakfast picnic.

You can set up a day when you and your family have breakfast at the park, or in your backyard. Break the monotony of having breakfast indoors every day.

2. Take a 'Night walk'.

When the sun sets, head out with the whole family and walk around the neighborhood. You can even carry some refreshments like smoothies. This, apart from being a fun to do activity also helps to burn the extra calories from the body keeping you children fit.

3. Making horseshoes.

It involves planting two sticks, that are around 20 feet from each other in the ground and letting you children use their shoes to try and hit the sticks from the opposite side while assigning each hit with points. Decide on how one will qualify to win, then let them play.

4. Building fairy houses.

Using sticks, leaves, and moss together with other small items from the house, your kids can build fairy houses in the backyard.

5. Penny toss.

This involves filling a dishpan, kiddie pool, or baby bath tub with water to half the level, then you place an empty container on the pool of water so that it floats. Each player stands about three feet from the floating container and they are given the same number of pennies to play with. The game requires that they throw the pennies into the container and they are rewarded for doing this. The player who has the most coins tossed into the container becomes the winner. A child playing alone can track the number of pennies that fall into the container.

6. Potato and Egg race.

This is played using a large spoon, together with a potato or an egg. The players are required to race with the egg or potato from one area to another without dropping them.

7. Catch game.

This outdoor activity can be played by either one or two players. The goal is to throw and catch a ball according to a number of well-arranged tasks. When you miss the target you loose and you have to start your turn again from the beginning. Some of the tasks could be; after you throw the ball, catch it after completing one turn, after touching the ground at least two times, after it bounces two times, after counting three times, when it bounces once nine times, or when it does not bounce. Also, you can lift the ball under the knee before you catch it at least seven times, or throw the ball upwards and catch it at least eight times.

8. Clothesline art show.

This is an activity where the kids paint pictures and then hang them on a clothesline or rope with clothespins, which is strung out of your backyard.

9. Volcano experiment.

Materials needed are; dirt or wet sand, baking soda about two teaspoons, spoon or small shovel and white vinegar. The kids are required to build a mold of dirt about 10 inches high, dig a deep hole in the middle of the mold using the shovel, and then put the baking soda in the hole. Vinegar is added to the hole slowly. The model volcano will erupt afterward.

10. Listening to the world.

This will involve your participation as a parent. It requires that you sit beside your child back to back and close your eyes, then concentrates on the sounds coming from around you. Listen to the humming of the generator, the sound of a plane flying, the backing of the dog, and say what you hear. Can the sounds be identified? Can the child hear high sounds or soft sounds? Take turns and quietly share what you hear.


When your kids are at home, it may be difficult to concentrate on your own stuff, especially if they are constantly messing up the house. It is therefore important that they get to perform some outdoor activities so that they remain occupied, while you go on with your work if you are working from home or just doing chores. Allowing them to have fun outside also spares you the cost of repairing damages that may come about when they break stuff inside the house. Don't deny your kids play time, by letting them stay indoors just watching TV all day. Let them enjoy this stage of their life so that they may grow up happily.

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