Dont Leave The Door Open

Play Outside ... But Close The Door!!!

If you have children, then I would wager that at least once in your life you have told you kids to go play outside, immediately followed with the disclaimer, BUT CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND YOU! 

It seems that in our children's haste to go play outside more often than not they seem to forget to close the door behind them.

Let's be honest they aren't paying the bill so they aren't thinking about the money that is literally pouring out of the house if you have the AC on. While there are a lot of myth's about energy savings its an undeniable fact that running your AC will crank up your energy bill, and leaving a door open is like throwing your hard earned money out that same door.  

Here are a couple of funny meme's that we think you should print out and put up around the house to help get the point across ...

If putting these up around the house doesn't help with your problem there are a couple other options. 

  1. Tell your kids they are going to have to pay the electric bill out of their allowance
  2. Institute a You leave my door open, I take your door policy and remove the door from your kids room every time they leave the door open. 
  3. Get A home automation system that allows you to turn off the AC from your Iphone so that when your kids inevitable leave the door open you will be able to shut off the AC from any location. A great option for home automation especially temperature control features is ADT pulse home automation

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Clara Monroe

Clara Monroe is mom of three and an avid cat lover. She lives in southern california with her husband, two sons and one daughter. She loves to spend time with her children and prepare creative but healthy snacks for them.

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