Social development in children

Social development in children

Social development is the process by which a child learns to interact with other people.In a broad view, it usually refers to how children develop relationships such as friendships and how they handle conflicts with others. It helps children to develop their personalities in the society.They also gain skills that enable them to interact and process their actions.This enables them to know themselves better.

Family, peers and school are most closely involved with the child.They help them to learn about the social world and about rules and practices that support it.Their social development is also determined by social circumstances that impact on their families e.g access to health services, parents' income e.t.c.

Why is social development so important?

Social development in children forms the basis of other forms of development children experience.The ability of a child to interact with other children and adults impacts everything from learning new words to successfully navigating the challenges of adulthood.

Some of the benefits of healthy social development include:

1. Development of language skills - The ability of children to interact with other people around them provides an opportunity for them to practice and also learn language skills.This enables them to interact and relate with the people around them.

Communication skills are therefore important in a child's development because they help them to express themselves in a good and respectable way.How you interact with others to an extent reveals your personality.

2. Build self-esteem - A child should be allowed to interact with other children.Interaction with others provides for fun experiences and excitement.A child who is not allowed to make friends becomes lonely. This is painful and frustrating.Friends strengthen a child's comfort with his or her own individuality.

Important CAVEAT : There are good and bad friends .It is therefore the duty of the parents to ensure his or her child keeps a healthy circle of friends.

3. Resolve conflicts - A strong self esteem combined with excellent language skills helps a child to resolve differences with peers.This leads to a positive attitude.A positive attitude leads to better and stronger relationships.

4. Strengthens learning skills - A healthy social development helps a child to adjust to different school settings and challenges associated with school life.Research shows that children who do not get along with classmates in preschool are likely to experience academic difficulties later.


How can parents make a difference when it comes to social development?

Everyday experiences between a parent and his or her child are crucial to a child's social skill-set.They are the ones who provide the first or initial opportunity to develop relationships, interactions and communication.

Some tips a parent can use to support their child include but not limited to:

1. Responding to your child's needs .
2. Involve the child in daily activities e.g running errands.
3. Arranging play dates.
4. Talk with him or her on social relationships.
5. Keeping the lines of communication open.


Social development in young children.

Friendship and relationships with their peers are the most important in young children. Friendship helps them to develop relationships. This benefits their mental health because they are able to get along with others well.They also copy the behavior of those close to them.They should be allowed to make friends and interact freely.

Social development in older children.

As children grow, they learn to be more responsible. They are also able to make decisions and judge other people's decisions.They should be guided on what is right and wrong because they now have the knowledge and ability to distinguish what is good from what is bad.

Social development in children is therefore a complex issue that parents can have a huge impact on. A good social development will help a child to grow knowing what is expected of them and how to deal with social life.

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