Why should children play outside

Why should children play outside

Nowadays, many children prefer staying indoors to playing outside. They have been addicted to cartoons so much that they can't get a single minute to go outside and engage in outdoor play activities. In the past, this was not the case. Your mother would push you out of the house regardless of the weather and say, "Go and play". These three words were enough to keep you outside for hours while playing with other children. You were only supposed to come inside the house during dinner and would dare not speak to strangers. This was part of our lives, and we didn't even realise the benefits of playing outside. Today, as parents, we have forgotten that our children need to play outside. We even go further and buy them indoors toys to play with. This may have negative effects on the growth and development of our children.

So let's look at the reasons why we need to let our children play outside.

1. Outside Air is Better.

Unless the air in your area is polluted or contaminated, letting your children play outside allows them to breathe better air. The air inside our houses is usually recycled, and dust and other contaminants could be trapped in it making it risky for us to breathe in. Don't let your children take in this air, take them outdoors and encourage them to play. You can even save some few dollars to buy outdoor play equipment for them.

2. Being Outdoors Encourages Activity.

This is a fact. When your children go outside, it encourages them to stay active. While there're many terrific ways of relaxing outside such as chaise lounges and hammocks, most outdoor activities encourage movement. When your children go outside, they will be encouraged to ride bikes, play chase, take a walk, play in the pool, or climb on the slide. These movements around the garden are far better than staying indoors in front of a television while playing video games.

3. Outdoor Play Activities are More Family Friendly.

Yes, when you and your children go outside, you can play together. You as a parent will have a role in the play, and this promotes bonding and happiness in the family. Take out your bikes and go for a family ride through your neighbourhoods. Go for a walk to the nearest library and get some novels. By doing this together, you are making sure that your children stay safe. They will even start to enjoy outdoors and will keep it a routine.

4. Being Outdoors Encourages Creativity.

In fact, when your children play outside, they will have power over the environment. They will be able to create whatever they want. They will make cars from wires or clay. They will invent games and other surprising things. This will boost their creativity. Being outside will also help your children see and appreciate the nature. They will impart that nature into their ideas and be able to come up with incredible things you would not imagine.

5. Playing Outside Improves Health.

In one way or another, playing outside can improve your child's health. Do you know that you can easily spot a person who always stays indoors? Yes, that pale, waxy demeanour tells it all. A child who plays outside has a healthy glow which is refreshing to see. When they play outside, they will be able to produce vitamin E from the sun rays. Their bodies will also get a charge to burn off calories and remove toxins which can lead to ill health. Being outside also keeps the heart active and body productive, in general. When they run around, they also become stronger and will be able to resist diseases.

As you can see, playing outside has numerous benefits for your children. Let them go outside and play!

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